Attention Leisure Riders

At our recent committee meeting, the club identified meeting the needs of our leisure riders as one of our priorities. While the club has a lengthy racing tradition and a growing presence at racing events throughout the year, we’re conscious of the fact that the majority of our members are leisure riders and we’re keen to ensure that they derive maximum benefit from being part of our club.

Over the last year or so, we’ve increased the frequency of our leisure spins. We’ve also introduced a number of initiatives that are open to all our members such as:

  • Bike maintenance workshops
  • Turbo training sessions
  • Coaching sessions with qualified coach Antony Moran
  • Social nights out

We’d like to raise awareness of these activities especially among the leisure riders. Moreover, we’d like feedback from our leisure riders on any needs that aren’t being addressed or any new ideas they might have. With that in mind, the club has arranged a meeting in the Thatch Bar at 8 p.m. Monday 15th February. We’d urge all our leisure members to come along and share their thoughts on what the club can do for them. We look forward to seeing you there.

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