Mark Mullen League 2021 – Update

Round 1 of the League (Monday 14th June) will be comprise four laps of the circuit mapped out below.

The assembly area for the night will be at the start/ finish line which is just off R150 Duleek-Julianstown road, when heading east towards Julianstown. Race start time will be at 7:30 pm.

All riders that have Cycling Ireland race numbers i.e. those with full competitive licences are asked to wear those numbers and to use frame numbers as well. This will greatly assist us in being able to publish race results as quickly as possible without the need for any congregation when the race has finished.

We are also asking all riders to please bring along a mask or other face covering that they can wear while assembling at the start line, since proper social distancing may not be possible there. Masks can be put away in jersey pockets immediately prior to the start and neither these nor items such as gel wrappers nor any other litter should be discarded on or near the circuit.

There will be no physical sign-on at the race venue. Riders will use a virtual sign on system and details of this will be issued by email in the next day or two. Any rider that has not received an email notification about this before Sunday 13th June should contact so that we can ensure we have your correct address.

Please note also that, for track and trace purposes, it will be necessary for riders to also sign on to Cycling Ireland’s event-master system. Details regarding this will be issued in the next day or so. While the need to sign on to two systems is a little more cumbersome we’re sure you’ll appreciate importance of doing so from a health and safety perspective.


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