Mark Mullen League : Round 2

Brendan Hessman (unattached) took maximum points this week, with Niall Craven (Drogheda Wheelers) second and Gary Gorman (Stamullen) third.

Click here for the overall standings. Huge thanks to Kay Howard from Stamullen Road Club for compiling our league tables.

  Round 2  
1st Brendan Hessman Unattached
2nd Niall Craven Drogheda Wheelers CC
3rd Gary Gorman Stamullen MD Road Club
4th Seamus Howard Stamullen MD Road Club
5th Mark McGauley Scott DLCO
6th Seamus Sinnott Wexford Wheelers CC
7th Peter Sharkey Stamullen MD Road Club
8th Arek Klus Stamullen MD Road Club
9th Barry Hughes Drogheda Wheelers CC
10th Ciaran Campbell Drogheda Wheelers CC

Sean Lenehan (Drogheda Wheelers) won the underage event from Aaron Treanor (Cuchulainn CC), Ellen Gorman (Stamullen) and Grace Gorman (Stamullen).

  Underage Leage  
1st Sean Lenehan Drogheda Wheelers CC
2nd Aaron Treanor Cuchulainn CC
3rd Ellen Gorman Stamullen MD Road Club
4th Grace Gorman Stamullen MD Road Club
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